Fair Lawn Senior High School Class of 1979

The purpose of this Poll is to gather everyone's opinion regarding either
Setting up a Scholarship,
Erecting a Commemorative Park Bench, Contributing to the Commemorative Bricks Fundraiser or
Erecting a Granite Bench at FLHS Stadium in Welcoming Area

in honor of the classmates
that will remain in our hearts
as well as our overall class.

Your Input is Welcomed.
Which one would you like to contribute in Memory of the Class of '79?
Commemorative Bricks
  (3 %)
Granite Bench at FLHS Football Stadium/Welcoming Area
  (60 %)
Item that will best help FLHS
  (33 %)
Park Bench within Fair Lawn (Town Project)
  (5 %)
I have an idea and will email it to you.
  (0 %)