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Debbie Roman (Hansson)
stay-at-home Mom (secretary part-time) Divorced 2 Well, some of those years are a blur!!! But if I remember correctly (ha-ha), I received my Associate Degree in Business from Bergen Community and then attended Berkeley Secretarial School. Partied (notice how the "partied" came first), traveled a little, met a guy, got married, had kids (blah, blah, know the story). Though we divorced last year, my ex and I remain friends so we can co-parent effectively (yeah, I know, very mature of us!!!) So now my life is about my two daughters. We live at the "Jersey Shore" (Toms River) and have very active and fulfilling lives. We are blessed with good health, great family and loving doesn't get any better than that! We're just having fun, enjoying life and always looking for a new adventure!!

I hope that all my fellow classmates are content with their life choices and I wish them much success in all their endeavors.

David Harris
Married 3 Raising 3 great children...
Fred Holzsager
Managed Services Provider for SMBs Married 3 Worked in banking and sales for a number of years, then rediscovered my love of codes and languages. Established a small business to provide computer and network support to other small businesses in northern NJ. Having a great time watching my kids grow into adults. I still can't get over how quickly time flies...
Mark Krauskopf
Attorney Married 3 I have worked in the Legal Department at JPMorgan Chase Bank (and predecessor institutions) for the past 19 years. I am married to wonderful woman and we have three great kids, ages 8, 9 and 11 (we started a bit late)
randi rosenthal (krueger)
Cindy La Fleur
Profile picture
Admin. Secretary Widowed 2 I have two grown daughters and I'm a grandma. I have one grandson and one granddaughter. Moved to Flordia in 2002 and will never live in a state that Snows ever again. I may visit but not gonna stay. LOL. I'm attending classes at the Edison State College to become an RN for the Lee Memorial Health System. Boy I wish I would of not cut Math class so much Algebra is so hard to learn....OMG....
If I had of only know about this passed union I would of loved to been there. Now I'll have to wait for the next one. Please don't forget me. To all my great bud's back in the day I still remember all the great times we had togeather. Please contact me so we can reminise. Love and kisses to all

Cindy La Fleur
Patti Schwartz (Lakin)
Married 2 Work, kids, life, smiles, tears, pretty much the same as everyone else I suppose! I'm looking forward reconnecting with so many people!

Looking forward to hearing about all of your lives!

Fern Holzberg (Laub)
Married 2 married for 20 years my daughter ,sammy, 18, started her freshman year @ u mich... my son perry, is 16... life is good...
 cant wait to hang with my buddies of '79
Julie Karpoff (Leibowitz)
Accountant Married 3
Carole Brenner (Liso)
Widowed 3 Basically, I've just been raising my 3 kids, working & trying to maintain some sort of sanity. I do that by working out & drinking (not necessarily in that order!!!).
Haven't missed a reunion yet & don't plan on starting now!! Looking forward to seeing everyone & partying!!
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