June 23, 2009

Class of 1979--Your Support is Requested

David ShermanDavid Sherman, FLHS Class of 1979 is challenging all of you to help with this worthwhile event to help two very special children in his life as well as many other children and families inflicted with this cruel disease.

A Message From David:

My girlfriend Stacie has two beautiful children, Cameron and Brielle. Both of Stacie's children have special needs--Cameron is highly functional, and in time, he will hopefully be able to function independently. Brielle is a non-verbal intelligent little girl who will need care and support for the rest of her life.

Brielle is a new student at The Eden Family of Services, a Princeton, NJ-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with autism and their families. About 85% of the cost to operate Eden comes from tuitions paid by school districts, state aid and private tuitions. The balance is supported through Eden’s fundraising activities.

Eden has and experienced and talented staff that is doing amazing things for Brielle and many other children and adults. But they are woefully short on funding. That is why I joined the committee that is helping to organize Eden's annual 5K fundraiser on July 19, 2009.

Autism is a devastating disorder with many symptoms and no cure. Brielle is the face of autism. A beautiful, intelligent little girl who is frustrated by her struggles to communicate with the people around her. Eden understands her, and in the short school year she has been there, Brielle has made unbelievable progress.

I find it very scary that almost everyone I talk to these days either has a family member or friend who is affected by autism. I asked to be a member of this fundraising committee because this has the potential to have such a direct, positive impact on Brielle. That is why I am asking for your help, in WHATEVER way you can give it. What Eden needs the most is monetary contributions. There are several ways that you can both support Eden’s mission and help ensure the success of the 5K event:

There are Four ways that you can donate.

1) Personal Contribution: Go To:  www.edenfamily5k.org .
To sponsor Stacie, click on ``Sponsor Participant'' and type in "Stacie Servetah"
Her company will match whatever she raises, so every dollar is appreciated.

2) Corporate Sponsor :   Go to:  ww.edenfamily5k.org
My goal is to get a minimum of 20 race sponsors supporting the event. We already have several companies and organizations lending their support, and hope that you will want to join in too!

3). Contribute Products and/or Services. Giveaways, door prizes, or miscellaneous supplies and services are needed for the race – for example, donations of any type of gift item or certificate, water bottles, food and beverages. ...

4) If you are local you can volunteer your time, Volunteers are needed to stuff giveaway bags, staff the water stops, etc.



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